Posted by: PPHR | June 28, 2009

A Note from the G.M.


DSC02467The weather has been very mixed the last week, but looks promising for the upcoming week, Schools out, and the long weekend ahead looks very exciting in the Resort.

We have all been hitting the golf courses pretty regularly here in Whistler and all the courses are in great shape besides a few bumps on the first three greens at the Whistler Club (all 4 of the big courses are very good, but the Whistler Club, a Palmer Course is the oldest, and my favorite)

Last week I managed to shoot an 85 in the rain. Well, if you do not golf in the rain from time to time, you may not golf a lot in the Pacific Northwest, especially in the middle of a Rain forest, at the base of a Ski Mountain….all the courses drain great, and the cart with fresh coffee is a nice touch on cool day.

I haven’t been out on the local lakes much the last month, but landed a beauty Cutthroat over 22 inches at end of May. Last Sunday, I landed about a dozen small rainbows on Alta Lake. Happy belated Dads day everyone! I had a great day for Dads day. I spoke with my Dad from the boat, while fending off the rainbows who just kept hitting my flies. I’ll admit it was a bit of a different Dads day for myself because it was the first year with our daughter away from home. Crystal is turning 20, and out on her own since last Fall. Wow, how fast the time goes…

I’m planning to take a trip up the gondola again next week to ride the P2P with some friends from out of town, play a round of golf while the girls hit the Spa. I’ll be busy chasing the elusive 5+lb trout in our alpine lake. I’ll b sure to update everyone next week on how that goes.

Until then, have a great week, and keep those you love the most, close.




  1. Nice fish! I brought my fly fishing gear with me and will be in town till Friday. Is there a place in town for a fishing license and how easy is it to fly fish some of the local lakes / streams?

  2. Looks like you caught a winner there Jim!

  3. Licenses are on line. There is a local fly shop, same street shop area as 7-eleven, and domino’s, beside the Mexican restaurant.

    Several places to consider. Fishing docks on Alta lake (Rainbows and Cutthroat), at the south west end, and also recommend to try lost lake for small feisty alpine rainbows. Float tube is a great way to explore both of these in resort lakes, but both also can accommodate shore fishing….Lost lake recommend early am, as the public beaches get very busy a little later in the day. I hear that at lost lake, the west point of the lake, aside some wood structure, both on the fly, and small spinners and spoons.

    Lost lake allows a take, Alta is all catch and release. Alta lake also has boat, Kayak/Canoe, and row boat rentals at Lakeside Park.

    Regulations are on line. Web site for license and regs.


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