Posted by: PPHR | February 20, 2010

‘Olympic Update – Don’t Believe all the Press!!

”So much has happened. Where to start??

To say it’s been full of events is perhaps stating the obvious given the number of planned events and activities crammed into a 17 day period..

The medals are rolling in. The nations are fixated on their performances and flood the stages in their droves. The Europeans typically add the most flair and character, perhaps stereotypically adorning various ‘national costumes’ or head wear and flags…just in case you couldn’t ascertain where they heralded from. Say what you like about the ‘euros’, but they definitely give a little flavour to the proceedings.

The Canadians went wild for their first gold medal won on home soil. It was a huge weight off their shoulders and they’re still celebrating it now.

The crowds have been out in their thousands, even lining the ‘free’ viewpoints’ along the downhill courses. To stand and watch the worlds best athletes tear down the hills at ‘warp’ speed is a bit of a reality check for sure. To reflect on the fact that you’ve been alongside the athletes stages at the Winter Olympics is a thought that resonates with everyone here. You simply can’t help but be swept up in the emotions and sheer magnificence of it all!!

We’ve seen the elite excel, we’ve seen the elite fall…some spectacularly

The ticket ‘touts’ or ‘scalpers’ as they’re known out in Canada are everywhere. Apparently the English will travel anywhere to make a few bucks…I couldn’t help but walk by the medals ceremony plaza the other day without smirking to myself. I heard a forgotten, but oh so familiar tone. That linguistic gem known across the UK as ‘Scouse’! Even here they turn up when there’s a ‘trick to turn’ and their natural ‘ballsy’ attitude allows them stroll up to anyone and everyone asking for the opportunity to take a ‘slice of the pie’.

The village is a party and we’re all invited. It’s hard to adequately do justice in trying to paint a picture to you all of what life is currently like here, but we’ll all be much the poorer when the shows takes its final bow on the 28th. I find it incredulous that any press, British or otherwise, have been unable to see the elated faces where everyone has cheered, supported or watched their athletes in awe or perhaps just in vain hope and expectation. Everyone has revelled in the sheer enthusiasm of everyone around town. Its infectious and even the ‘squawkers’ and doubters out there have dusted down their frowns and allowed themselves to smile and whoop at a drop of a starters gun or perhaps a strum of a guitar!

Can’t believe it’s 7 days down and counting. Don’t blink or it’ll be over before you’ve had a chance to say ‘ when’s the next event’?!


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