Posted by: PPHR | March 15, 2010

Rob Gosse – Simply loves to ski

Gosse, B.C. Para-Alpine Ski Team member, gunning for gold in 2014

The Paralympic Winter Games have kept Rob Gosse busy. He’s volunteering to repair sit skis for athletes, teaching disabled ski lessons and promoting the sport to everyone he meets.

“Skiing takes your disability out of the picture,” said Rob Gosse, a skier since 2007. “I love that I ski as an equal with both able-bodied and adaptive skiers. It gives me a whole new freedom.”

Injured in the summer of 2006, Gosse came out of hospital 12 weeks later wanting to try everything. From basketball to athletics to waterskiing, Rob said that skiing “just stuck.”

“I’d always been an active guy and coming from a sports-oriented background, people at the rehab centre were telling me I was a perfect candidate for many disabled sports, which I laughed off at first,” Gosse said. “But going to a bunch of different events, I realized that the disabled sports community is a small one, and really helped to connect me throughout the sports network.”

With an eager willingness to try something new, Gosse joined a group of skiers heading up to Whistler with the Whistler Adaptive Sports Program. He fell in love and almost immediately entered, with the competitive program.

He was named to B.C.’s Disabled Development Team in 2007, and by the end of his first season he had collected two silver medals and a bronze. Let the racers of 2014 be forewarned. Gosse is on his way.

Watching the Paralympics take place in Whistler is a special treat for Gosse. He said watching the world’s best sit skiers gives perspective.

“I am seeing the caliber I need to be in 2014 and what it will take to be truly competitive against some of these guys,” Gosse said. “My goal is 2014.”


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