Posted by: PPHR | March 18, 2010

In the Neighborhood

Whistler Live! Chairlift Review at Town Plaza Gazebo, daily March 17 to 20

Every chairlift ride up the mountain is the start of an adventure – some rides are all the more memorable because of who shares the lift up the mountain. That’s the basis for the Chairlift Review: a collection of one-act live Whistler dialogues featuring a colourful cast of characters who share stories from the chairlift, interact with passers-by, and improvise outdoor theatre skits. Cast members include Christopher Boulton, Joanne Van Engelsdorp, Shannon Hearn, Greigh Laschuk, Levi Nelson, Angie Nolan, Katie Schaitel, Bronwen Thorburn and more. The Whistler Live! production of Chairlift Review is directed by Vancouver-based Tamara McCarthy.

Originally created in 1996, a recent contribution to the Chairlift Review from the Cultural Capitals of Canada will allow this iconic show to see the light of day on Whistler’s snowy Village Stroll. The Cultural Capitals funding was used to create an outdoor set, stage multiple rehearsals, give cast members the rare opportunity to work with a professional director and be part of a unique performance staged during the 2010 Paralympic Winter Games.

“We’ve all been on that chairlift ride where you meet someone interesting and have a great conversation, or there’s the ride that seems to go on forever, and you just can’t wait to get off! In Whistler Live! Chairlift Review, join us for the surprise of who you might meet on your way up the hill, for perhaps the best… or worst chairlift ride of your life”, says Tamara McCarthy, Director.


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