Posted by: PPHR | August 9, 2010

From the Desk of Jim Douglas…

August 9, 2010

The weather has been mixed the last week, with cooler weather but still sunny afternoons, and a cooler south breeze. The forecast for the upcoming week is back to sunny and hot, temperatures expected back into the upper 20’s for the week, and the Crankworx wrap up next weekend should be amazing.

Busy week this week in the Resort with the Crankworks festival, check out all the photos and updates on the events at: The festival attracts participants from all over North America, and farther afield as well.


There’s $130,000 – with $80,000 cash for the pro categories and $50,000+ in prizes for the amateur categories (including prizing from Camelbak, Go Pro, Kokanee, Kona, Maxxis, Nintendo, Race Face, Oakley, Shimano, Sombrio, SRAM, and Yakima).

I’ve not been out on the water fishing the last week, as the southerly winds have limited time on Alta lake. The local lakes continue to fish well, specifically any area where there is moving water either in, or out of any of the local lakes. You can view a regular fishing report update on This is compiled by Brian Niska and the team at Whistler Flyfishing, a great little shop with quality gear, local fly selections, guiding services, and great tips for you to enjoy your day on the water.

Monday morning, lots of excitement at Lost Lake. Cat Smiley, a local personal trainer, runs a Summer bootcamp, which I participate in 3 mornings a week. Today, we found two big Bruins at lost lake first thing around 6am…they were happy and comfy, and in no hurry to move along. Cat Smiley is a three time Canadian trainer of the year, and attracts participants from all over North America for her classes. “Manches,” her loyal sidekick and morning run pacer (dog), was there to keep the Bruins moving in another direction, quite an exciting start to the day.

Upon reaching home the same morning, found a small Coyote trotting up the street, looking for a morning meal. Only in Whistler…the resort is busy and nature is around every corner.

Well that’s it for the week. Now that summer has arrived, we will endeavor to get some info regularly to our Blog, and if our readers have any questions, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Best regards,

Jim Douglas


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