Posted by: PPHR | August 21, 2010

Joffre Lakes – A Beautiful Day Trip from Whistler

Joffre Lakes is a spectacular set of 3 sparkling glacier-fed lakes only an hour north of Whistler. Hikers can complete the moderate level walk to the highest lake in 2.5 to 3 hours. The hike is not a walk in the park, good footwear and reasonable fitness is required as the terrain can be quite rocky. There are even a few unique campsites beside the top lake called Third Lake, right beneath the glacier.

For those not up for the hike, it is still a worthwhile trip as the First Lake is easily accessible from the parking lot. Joffre Lakes is approximately a six hour return trip from Whistler, but try to give yourself extra time so you can relax when you get to the top and have dinner in Pemberton at The Pony or Wildwood Café on the way home.

Locals highly recommend this day trip. For more information visit:

– By Christine Skipworth

Christine Skipworth: ‘Ski’, it’s all in the name. This is Christine’s favourite sport, and the reason why she left sunny Australia to live in the pristine Whistler Valley


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