Posted by: PPHR | August 26, 2010

Exploring Whistler Mountain

Best-known for its downhill skiing, snowboarding and winter wonderland activities, Whistler is actually a year-round destination that’s perfect for hikers.

On August 23, Nicole Leddy, Front Office Manager, and Georgina Boyne, Human Capital & Development Manager headed up Whistler mountain to explore the Alpine.

Alpine meadows, sprawling glaciers and wildlife were just some of the wonders they experienced on Whistler’s hiking trails.

An estimated 50 black bears live on the slopes of Whistler and Blackcomb mountains, Nicole and Georgina counted a total of 11 bears and cubs on their gondola ride up the mountain. While hiking, they caught sight of several marmots by listening for their high-pitched whistle, after which Whistler gets its name, and were quick to snap the photo below of one the furry little creatures that live on rocky mountain slopes.

In addition to hiking trails, Whistler offers a number of other mountain activities such as rock climbing, summer ice climbing, and mountain biking.

For more information on Whistler hiking visit


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